A furnace or air conditioner should be viewed much like owning a vehicle. While both have long lifespans there will be repairs necessary along the way to keep the machinery working. For example, car dealerships void warranties if the oil is never changed and there is never maintenance on the vehicle because this guarantees there will be major issues. Failure to maintain the components that support the engine will lead to a much costlier repair when the engine itself breaks down. Your furnace also has major components and smaller components that support those major components. Much like spark plugs or your car’s battery these smaller components do not last forever and need to be replaced when they are not operating up to manufacturer specifications. A furnace can still be functional with a faulty part installed but that small faulty part is creating accelerated wear and tear on major components within the system which will lead to large repairs.

A professional technician also has the tools to identify system issues that will leave you without heat on a cold holiday while your family is overeating dinner.

Lastly and most importantly is furnace safety. Your furnace is igniting gas to create heat and producing toxic combustion fumes while it is operating. A trained technician will be able to check for carbon monoxide leaks and defective heat exchangers that could put family safety at risk.